We offer a tremendous amount of packaging options. Bag In Box, glass bottles, plastic bottles — if we haven’t done it, we will find a way.

We work hard to make you happy. We not only want to package your product in the most efficient, cost-effective way, but we also strive for aesthetic excellence and producing the best quality product for your customer.


Choose from a variety of different bottles and packaging types. With nine different volume sizes, and literally hundreds of different bottles to choose from in each size, no project is out of reach.

We also understand that no brand is the same, and that every project should fit the unique style of that brand, so we let our clients pick everything.

From the bottle to the label, we involve you in every important step on the way to get your product on the shelf.


In 1981, Fruitful was one of the first companies to co-pack shelf stable juice concentrates in a Bag In Box. They can be used for bar guns, soda fountain machines, and almost any beverage.

Currently, we offer Bag In Box in two, three or five gallon options, but depending on the project, other sizes are available.

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