Important Information
Privacy Policy ↗

How Fruitful handles your personal information and details on your privacy rights.

E-Sign Consent ↗

This outlines the requirement for electronic consent and your corresponding rights and protections. 

Deposit Account Agreement ↗

These are the terms you agree to when opening a Fruitful high-yield savings account.

ACH Authorization ↗

This authorizes Fruitful to link to external bank accounts to facilitate moving funds.

Reg DD Disclosure ↗

This provides members with details on the terms of deposit accounts and associated rates held at our partner bank, Emigrant Bank.

Emigrant Bank Privacy Policy ↗

How our partner bank, Emigrant Bank, handles your personal information

Investment Advisory
Form ADV Part 2 Brochure ↗

This is a narrative description of Fruitful’s investment advisory firm, including detailed info about the products and services offered by Fruitful.

Form CRS Client Relationship Summary ↗

This provides a summary of our investment services, including product features, fees, and costs, as well as helpful conversation starters.

IM Client Agreement ↗

These are the terms you accept to open and maintain Fruitful investment management accounts and related services.

Apex Custodial Agreement ↗

These are the terms, rights, and policies associated with your investment management accounts (including traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs) held at Fruitful’s custodial partner, Apex Clearing.